Our Team

Paula Mielke, owner
Paula was seeking answers to “What’s next?” when she spotted a business listing for Grahn’s Upholstery and purchased the business from Al and Nancy Grahn in March 2014. Paula likes applying her years of project management and client service to managing an upholstery shop. She enjoys being surrounded by beautiful fabrics, the creative energy of the shop and being part of the Prospect Park neighborhood. Paula took an upholstery class years ago and upholstered a couple of chairs, but don’t worry, she entrusts the upholstery work to her skilled crew.

Dale Simon, lead upholsterer
For years, interior designers have relied on Dale, Grahn’s lead upholsterer, to meet and exceed their client’s expectations. Dale is a stickler for detail who will ensure patterns match perfectly; tufts are exactly the same size and depth; and cushions fit properly. With 30 plus years of upholstery experience, it’s rare to hear him say, “I’ve never seen anything like this.” Dale likes the challenge of upholstering antique pieces, but enjoys the array of projects entrusted to our shop. Dale completed the upholstery program at the Minneapolis Technical Institute.

Megan Krogh, upholsterer
With majors in theatre design and medieval art history from The University of Kansas, Megan knows period furniture and can readily match a fabric to an era. Textile classes, costume design, building sets and working at a fabric store provide invaluable skills for being an upholsterer. She’s also a sponge for soaking up information and retains all sorts of factoids, such as why chairs from the 1800s are wide (to accommodate women’s skirts), Ray and Charles Eames’ influence on design, and the history of tuck and roll upholstered seats in early Ford cars. Megan enjoys upholstering furniture, but she especially likes helping customers search for the perfect fabric at the fabric showrooms at International Market Square.

Bruce 3-3
Bruce Mielke, wood shop manager
Little did Bruce know that he would someday apply his degree in industrial arts to managing the wood shop at Grahn’s Upholstery. He’s the one we rely on for wood refinishing, and we turn to him for repairs and restoration. When we prep a sofa or chair for re-upholstery, we sometimes discover that the fabric is the bandage holding it together. Bruce is a master at regluing joints and adding support. And we tap Bruce’s construction skills for building headboards, banquettes, ottomans and other custom projects.